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Veniamin Kondratyev: 27 areas in Krasnodar Territory are developing their industrial capabilities

The governor briefed the journalists on the impact of the growing manufacturing companies in cities and districts on the region’s main industry.

«We have ensured that industry has once again become a key sector of the Kuban economy. The Krasnodar Territory has confidently entered the top five industrial leaders, having doubled its performance indicators. It is evident that the strategic approach of implementing an industrial policy has been successful and forward-looking. Growth in metallurgy, machine-tool building, construction materials production and other areas has provided the domestic market with its own products and access to foreign markets,» said Veniamin Kondratyev.

The head of the region stated that there are 27 rapidly developing areas with strong industrial, transportation, and innovation potential. For each of these territories, priority industries have been identified based on the available resources, and development strategies have been established. The priority is to create industrial parks, technoparks, and industrial zones, to enhance collaboration and workforce potential, and to attract investments.

The industrial complex in the region reached a new record in 2023, with businesses surpassing the half a trillion rubles milestone in product shipments and achieving a 104.3% growth in industrial production.

In 2023, the top performers in terms of product shipment and services provided were Abinsk district (96.7 billion rubles), Krasnodar (67.1 billion), Novorossiysk (58.7 billion), Belorechensk district (28.4 billion), and Timashevsk district (19.9 billion rubles). The top ten «industrial giants» also include Armavir (15.9 billion rubles), Severskaya district (12.4 billion), Kushchyovskaya district (9.9 billion), Dinskaya district (9.6 billion) and Krymsk district (8.8 billion rubles). Most of them are focused on metalworking. The primary industries include machine building, chemical manufacturing, light industry, building material production, and forestry.