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Implementation of the project is being continued in the Labinsk district of thE Krasnodar region

The Dairy Plant Labinskiy that is included in the Danon-Unimilk Group Company upgrades its equipment under the agreement signed at the International Investment Forum "Sochi – 2013".

The company builds new sewage treatment plants within the project that will allow reducing the risks of environmental impact. The start of high-tech sewage treatment plant will increase the purity of industrial waste water of the enterprise two and a half times, and thus increase the level of environmental protection.

The total amount of investments that are invested in the modernization is approximately 350 million rubles. At present time, the design works are being conducted; an order for the equipment production has been placed, and environmental impact assessment is being carried out. Completion of the project is planned this year.

It is to be recalled that in 2013, the company has already implemented an investment project in amount of 120 million rubles on installing the infant nutrition production line. The power of the filling line of the children’s cream yogurts is up to 5 thousand tons per year. And complete reconstruction of the enterprise was performed within the investment project in 2009-2012, which increased the production capacity three times: from 150 to 480 tons of milk per day. After the reconstruction, the plant has expanded an assortment of the children’s cream yogurts and produces a variety of dairy products in the PET bottles and the infant nutrition. Currently, the Dairy Plant Labinskiy of the Danone-Unimilk Group of Companies is one of the most modern milk processing plants in Russia.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region